Our Services


Stands & Exhibitions Management

iEvents Events & Exhibitions provide a customised approach to corporate stand contracting. We specialise in exhibition stands and work directly with exhibitors to provide a complete design, prototype and building service. We also provide global exhibition management services, including exhibition scenography and contracting, complete technical venue coordination, mounting and dismantling, as well as exhibitor relationship management.

iEvents Customer Support Center

Our in-house Customer Support Center is available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We leverage our in-house and partner resources to handle all inbound and outbound communications and to ensure that our client’s needs are attended to at all times.

Event Planning and Organization

Faced with a huge task of organizing an event for your organization and not sure how to go about it? Need to plan an Annual Dinner or an Awards Night and have absolutely no clue on how to do it? Thinking of putting together a Family Day but simply just fearful of the logistical nightmares?
If you’re in such a situation then it is likely that you would require the services of an Event Management consultant. Strategy and concept to keep everything on track, we work with you to define your objectives and present a total turnkey solution for the management of your particular event. The result is a detailed design of your event set-up and theme, an implementation timeline, a detailed budget and logistics details.

Venue Selection

Once the concept has been developed, we utilize our experience to select a suitable venue. Having worked on a variety of projects at numerous venues across the Kingdom, our first-hand knowledge enables us to guide you through venue selection and alternatives to best suit your event.

Event Programming, Scheduling and Production

Once the event format is agreed upon, we prepare a detailed event timetable and define event production and staging requirements. Whether an indoor or an outdoor event, our experienced technical staff defines all your technical requirements and provides custom-solutions to your event.

On-Site Event Management and Logistics

On-site management is a crucial part of the success of your event. iEvents team undertakes all aspects of the day-to-day event management on your behalf including, on-site registration, program management, venue liaison, on-site secretariat, interpretation, and signage and decoration.

Communications, Advertising, Collateral Design and Development

Our dedicated marketing department handles all publicity and marketing aspects to help you reach out to your potential sponsors, participants and delegates. Our creative team designs and develops all print material, as well as supervises production and mailing of information to your target audience.

Promotions and Public Relations Services

The success of an exhibition depends on attracting the right mix of exhibitors. For this purpose, iEvents has created a specialist team dedicated to developing sales prospects that outline the full range of benefits and services on offer. iEvents recommends and targets potential participants, and provides exhibitors with the information needed to encourage their participation. Attracting exhibitors is one thing, but reaching out to visitors is quite another. Our public relations services are one of our key strengths. Our solid network and longstanding relations with the media ensures that your exhibition is well advertised and covered in the most widely circulated newspapers, specialist magazines and publications, Radio Channels and Satellite T.V.

Social Programs

The highlight of many events is the social program running alongside a particular event. Our team will advice on appropriate events and arrange the complete logistics and planning of any agreed upon social program, which may include, opening and closing ceremonies, lunches and dinners, receptions and theme parties.

Premiums & Branding

Need to add value to your event & company’s branding? Select from a range of premiums and corporate gifts in our catalogue or just contact us and we will try our utmost best to custom make these unique keep-sakes to ensure your company is always a top-of-mind brand! All aspects of event branding, promotional & printing materials, Invitation Cards, Posters, Backdrop Banners & Rollups, Packaging & Websites developments are also handled by our professional team to help you project the image you want.

Tents & Canopies

Day or night. Big or Small. Rain or shine. Let iEvents shield your event from any unsuspecting weather with our extensive range of marquee tents & canopies. Be spoilt with choices of colors, sizes, designs, lighting options, and even fan & air conditioning! With our variety, you can ensure that even the tents & canopies will fit just right in to your theme! After all, who wouldn’t want a big fashionable umbrella over their head when the sky is falling?

Sound, Lighting and Special Effects

What is a good show if it is not well heard and seen? Don’t devalue your event with substandard audio visual. A key aspect of any event is how remarkable and impactful the sound clarity and output is. It is of utmost importance to us that every word uttered from the client’s mouth is amplified proper.
The right kind of lighting can create multiple energetic effects that can really move and impress your event. Your event audio visual will be in the trusted hands of our professional sound and lighting engineers who are equipped with years of technical and experiential knowledge.

Videographer & Photography

“Pictures speak a thousand words” At your event, sit back and enjoy your time as iEvents crew gets busy with the videos & cameras! With every moment of your event captured on video and photos, be assured that the good times will never end! Pre-event videographer and multimedia promotional videos are also available.

F&B / Catering Services

A sumptuous meal always pleases the crowd and in-return will make your event a memorable one. At iEvents we create a storm in our kitchen to whip up a dish fit for a King! We ensure that the food and beverage you receive will always be delivered on time and would leave your mouth watering for more. Our custom made menus cater for a wide range of events and taste buds.

Training & Development

“People are the most important asset in an organization!” As you aim to equip your staff, we at iEvents come alongside with a range of trainings to suit your needs, ranging from leadership, soft skills, technical trainings and team buildings. Our top-notch trainings are conducted by experienced and distinguished trainers. Going the extra mile, iEvents also offers yearly training plans & development. To ensure your Company stays at the cutting edge, speak to us today about your training needs and inspire your people to excel in your company!

Venue Set-up and On-Site Support

Our dependable on-site support helps put all the pieces together to create a seamless, standout event to impress your guests. We attend to the finest logistical details, manage all aspects of event catering and our team is always available to assist your guests throughout the event.